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“I’m HIV+…” and my convicted stalker Alex Belfield tried to out me.

Updated: Mar 22, 2023



This is not how I ever expected to do this, I had wanted to do this in my own time, in my own way.

I am HIV+ and because of remarks that Alex Belfield made in videos that YouTube refused to take down I’ve now chosen to come out publicly about it because I’m not ashamed.

I was diagnosed six years ago and I’ve been living perfectly well with the condition since then thanks to the incredible work by the NHS and the support of my friends and family.

I take one pill a day which makes me undetectable meaning that I cannot pass the virus on to anyone else.

This is something that I have learnt to live with and have come to terms with, but it’s also something that I kept private. Partly because people that were close to me advised me to do that and partly because I wanted to be able to tell people when I chose to.

This is now something that I am taking control of. I was interviewed recently for the Guardian newspaper and asked whether I wanted to take it out of the article, and at that point I realised I have a choice. I can either add to the stigma by hiding this or I can try to do something to make a difference.

And that’s what I’m doing today.

This doesn’t change me. I am still the same person. I just have something that lives inside me. Something that until now I’ve never spoken publicly about.

But if I can help other people to come to terms with their condition and speak out too then this will all be worthwhile.


If anyone would like to ask me any questions, or if you need someone to talk to, then please send me a DM, or email me at

Every message will be received in the strictest confidence.

PLEASE GET TESTED if you do not know your HIV status, and are concerned.

Search for a test centre near you.

If you have any other concerns or questions about living with HIV, these are just some of the organisations that will help.

Terrence Higgins Trust

National AIDS Trust

NAM Aids Map

The Well Project

ONE Campaign

British Association for Sexual Health and HIV

56 Dean Street


It Starts With Me

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