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My Christmas Message.

It’s exactly one year since I officially launched That Stagey Blog.

I know for a lot of people this year has been full of ups and downs but for me it has mainly been ups, and that is thanks to the enormous generosity and kindness that people have offered in support of my blog.

I have met some incredible people, and forged some strong relationships and friendships.

It has been a lot of work and quite tiring but it has been incredibly rewarding.

I think what I am most proud of is finding something that I enjoy, something that I’m good at and something that defines me as a person and turning it in to something I can share with other people.

I have realised that the key to finding some sort of happiness is by simply recognising what it is that makes me, me.

There have been times where I doubted myself, where I wasn’t sure what I was doing was valid, and in an industry and a world where we all look for some form of validation it has been hard to get to this point.

I am really proud of my blog and the difference I know it has made to a lot of people but mostly to me.

I set out with the mission statement:

“I love theatre. I watch it. I talk about it, and sometimes I get to make it. This blog is a love letter to theatre. I am not here to critique, [but I might].”

I wasn’t sure when I began this journey where it would lead, and how it would turn out. But I am really pleased with my work.

I must send huge thanks in particular to Drew Baker at Pianoworks West End. Sasha Regan at the Union Theatre and everybody at Chloe Nelkin Consulting.

As well as Paul Vale, Scott Matthewman, Mark Petty, The Crazy Coq, The Other Palace, the Boulevard Theatre and Nathan and the team at Freedom Bar Soho.

And huge thanks mostly to my loyal friends Alistair, Maddie and Sarah, my brother Andrew and my good friend Justin Williams who have all been the driving forces behind That Stagey Blog’s success.

There have been people along the way who have inspired me, to speak up, to be kind, to smile and to laugh.

Steph Parry. Alexander Lodge. Ryan Anderson. Charlotte Wakefield. George Hankers. Stuart Saint. Rich Watkins. Perry O’Bree. Jordan Haugh. Russell Haugh. Andrew Tomlins. Jayde Adams. Ryan Carter and Angie Lawrence.

I’m proud to champion theatre and I’m proud of the small part I might have played in the achievement of those I have championed and supported.

My friend Maddie for setting up her own company ‘Ever Enchanted Celebrations’. Princess parties for children and adults.

The incredible work by Drew Baker and his team to develop SingEasy. An inclusive new home for cabaret and entertainment in the West End.

The continued success of Christopher D Clegg and his company Tuck Shop, an entertainment company behind The Tea Bag, The Crown, Gals Aloud, The Spice Gals and Cinderella in the West End, and the work that Callum Hill has put in.

2019 has been a huge learning curve and I’m looking forward to coming back in 2020 stronger and better and able to make more of a difference.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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