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All 75 of my interviews from 2019

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Joel Harper Jackson

Original edit (15 mins) 25th January 2019

Re-released (40 mins) 18th July 2019

*Interviewed again 21st August 2020

Steph Parry

Original edit (15 min) 1st February 2019

Re-released uncut (35 min) 25th March 2020

*Interviewed again (Revisited) 25th March 2020

Charlotte Wakefield

7th February 2019

Ryan Anderson

8th February 2019

Nicholas McLean and Lawrence Smith from Avenue Q

9th February 2019

Post Show Q&A with Alex Donnachi and Kate Donnachi from 3 Years 1 Week and a Lemon Drizzle

10th February 2019

Catherine Millsom

28th February 2019

The cast of Sasha Regans The Pirates of Penzance at Wiltons Music Hall

28th February 2019

*Interviewed again 28th December 2020

Post show Q&A with Catherine Millsom and David Coverdale From Afar

6th March 2019

Matthew Croke

8th March 2019

Post show Q&A with director Patrick Kennedy and the cast of Pain(t)

12th March 2019

James Darch and Kara Lily Hayworth from Maggie May

Original edit (10 mins) 15th March 2019

Re-released Uncut (34 mins) 7th April 2020

*Kara Lily Hayworth, Interviewed again (Revisited) 7th April 2020

The cast of Never Trust A Man Bun at the Stockwell Playhouse

19th March 2019

The cast of Othello at the Union Theatre

21st March 2019

Jordan Lee Davies

29th March 2019

Layton Williams

6th April 2019

The cast of Market Boy at the Union Theatre

19th April 2019

Kieran Brown and Chris Passey

26th April 2019

*Kieran Brown, Interviewed again (Stagey Chat) 25th July 2020

Hayley Tamaddon

5th May 2019

Callum Robshaw

8th May 2019

Ian Stroughair

12th May 2019

Bernie Dieter

15h May 2019

Lala Barlow and Robbie Smith

16th May 2019

Jake Quickenden

17th May 2019

The cast of Country Music

19th May 2019

Kansley and Lidert and Molly Marie Walsh the creatives from Confessions

23rd May 2019

Wendy Carr and Georgi Mottram from IDA

25th May 2019

*The IDA Girls, Interviewed again (Revisited) 27th May 2020

The Barn Theatre, Cirencester

25th May 2019

The cast of Elegies for Angels Punks and Raging Queens at the Union Theatre

31st May 2019

Eugene McCoy

6th June 2019

Nick Hayes

13th June 2019

Andrew Keates

18th June 2019

Genevieve Nicole

23rd June 2019

Britt Lenting

5th July 2019

Declan Egan

7th July 2019

*Interviewed again (Revisited) 27th May 2020

Rich Watkins

14th July 2019

Amy Di Bartolomeo

16th July 2019

Daniel Downing

28th July 2019

*Interviewed again (Revisited) 27th May 2020

Caroline Kay

29th July 2019

Molly Lynch

30th July 2019

*Interviewed again (Revisited) 27th May 2020

Tami Stone

31st July 2019

Marissa Landy

4th August 2019

Aaron Jenson and Keisha Mowchenko from No Limits

5th August 2019

Joe Leather and Guy Hughes from The Lost Musical Works of Willy Shakes

7th August 2019

Luke Byrne

9th August 2019

The cast of Wrath of Achilles

14th August 2019

West End Producer

15th August 2019

Wannabe- The Spice Girls Show

18th August 2019

Alex Gwyther

18th August 2019

The cast of Jerry Herman

19th August 2019

The cast of I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical

19th August 2019

Dan Krikler

20th August 2019

Tom Brandon and Denis Grindel from the Choir of Man

22nd August 2019

Kane Oliver Parry

4th September 2019

Tom Partridge and Danny Becker

6th September 2019

The cast of Hello Again. The Union Theatre

8th September 2019

Emma Hatton

9th October 2019

Claudia Kariuki

14th September 2019

Alexander Lodge

17th September 2019

The cast of Tick Tick Boom

17th September 2019

Alyn Hawke

24th September 2019

Liv Warden

4th October 2019

Four Harps

8th October 2019


16th October 2019

The cast of Falsettos Daniel Boys Joel Montague Oliver Savile Natasha J Barnes Laura Pitt-Pullford

23rd October 2019

*Joel Montague, Interviewed again 21st August 2020

*Oliver Savile, interviewed again 28th December 2020

Andrew Patrick-Walker

12th November 2019

Nathaniel Morrison

18th November 2019

In Conversation With the Cast and Creatives of Rage But Hope Streatham Space Project

22nd November 2019

Stuart Saint

1st December 2019

*Interviewed again (Revisited) 7th May 2020

(Stagey Chat) 4th September 2020

The cast and creatives of The Wind of Heaven

3rd December 2019

George Hankers

4th December 2019

Jonathan Blake

8th December 2019

Matthew Hodson

9th December 2019

The cast of Whistle Down the Wind

14th December 2019

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